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Black-Headed Gull

(Chroicocephalus ridibundus)

Black Headed Gull.jpg

Black-headed gulls nest in colonies and both male and female look alike. Gathering in large groups...

Canadian Goose

(Branta canadensis)

Canada goose.jpg

Not native to the UK, the Canada goose is very much part of the furniture. They can often be seen...

Carrion Crow

(Corvus corone)

Carrion Crow.jpg

Found throughout the Uk, the carrion crow is part of the crow family along with jackdaws, magpie's, ravens...

Feral Pigeon

(Columbia livia domestica)

Feral Pigeon.jpg

Found throughout the UK and the world, the feral pigeon is descended from the rock dove which explains why they nest on buildings ledges, and bridges...

Herring Gull

(Larus argentatus)

Herring Gull.jpg

Herring gulls are found throughout the UK. Although many gulls are referred to as seagulls, there are

House Sparrow

(Passer domesticus)

House sparrow.jpg

A common sight in the UK. The House sparrow is an opportunist, gaining food, shelter and a variety


(Sturnus vulgaris)

Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

The Starling is a very common bird in Britain. Found in park lands, and gardens. They can...


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