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Biting Insects

Bed Bug

(Cimex lectularis)


Bed bugs are usually found on bed frames, headboards, skirting boards and around mattresses. They feed on their host's blood and are active from evening to night time

Cat Flea

(Ctenocephalides felis felis)

Cat Flea.jpg

Fleas are a nuisance to both man and animal, and they can sometimes carry on undetected, their bites being mistaken for bed bugs or mosquito bites.

Deer Tick

(Ixodes scapularis)


The deer tick part of the spider family (Arachnids), can be found in woodland, thick grass and habitats of wildlife and livestock. They sit on the grass and leaves waiting for a host to feed on


(Family culicidae)


Long-legged with a thin body, the female mosquito feeds mainly on blood, whereas the male will mainly feed on nectar.

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