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Flying Insects

Common Clothes Moth

(Tineola bisselliella)

Common Clothes Moth.jpg

Common clothes moth is a pest to be wary of. They will feed on natural fibres such as carpets, clothes, as well as store food products

Common Wasp

(Vespula vulgaris)

Common Wasp.jpg

The common wasp is a colonial insect. Their nests are a paper pulp-like. The Common Wasp will nest in loft space, tree cavities and underground

European Hornet

(Vespa crabro)

European Hornet.jpg

The European hornet is not known to be aggressive unless you are attacking it, or its nest. These can be found in the south of Britain

European Paper Wasp

(Polistes dominula)

European Paper Wasp.jpg

Black and yellow abdomen, black and yellow thorax and head
Adult workers are around 2 cm Long

Filter fly


Fliter Fly.jpg

Filter fly or Drain fly are usually found breeding where rotten organic material can be found. More of a nuisance fly than anything

Green Bottle Fly

(Lucilia sericata)

Green Bottle Fly.jpg

The Green bottle fly is actually a blowfly, member of the family Calliphoridae. Common throughout the UK. Can be found eating on fruit, dead animals, rubbish areas

Indianmeal Moth

(Plodia interpunctella)

Indianmeal Moth.jpg

The Indian meal moth and its larvae can be very destructive to farms, food store places, they will eat on grain, dried fruits and varied processed food products

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