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This is What a Cockroach Eggcase Actually Looks Like

Updated: Jun 9

Cockroach Egg Case (ootheca)

The cockroach egg case (ootheca) serves as protection for the eggs inside. The female cockroach will lay the ootheca, the way they are laid will depend on the species. Some hold onto eggs until just before hatching whilst others will lay in a safe secure place.

Oriental cockroach ootheca
Oriental cockroach ootheca

Oriental Cockroach Ootheca

The Oriental cockroach ootheca is shaped almost like a purse. It can be anywhere around 8-12mm long and dark brown.

The ootheca will be placed in a warm protected area close to food. Once dropped, depending on conditions, it will take around 6 weeks to hatch. It can take from 6 months to 2 years from egg to adult.


German Cockroach (Ootheca)

German cockroach ootheca
German cockroach ootheca

The German cockroach ootheca is smaller in size, around 5-10mm and a lighter shade of brown. The German cockroach will hold onto the eggs until almost time to hatch, around 24-48 hours before hatching.

Between 30-40 nymphs will emerge and within 3 months will be in a full adult stage that can last around 2- 6 months.

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