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This is What Rat Droppings Actually Look like

Updated: Mar 21

Rat droppings are more significant in size than those of mice! There should be no mistakes when identifying rat droppings.

Norway Rat Droppings

Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

These droppings are around the size of coffee beans but are in torpedo shape.

As with mouse droppings, fresh droppings will be shiny and old ones dusty in colour. If you see droppings of this size in your house, seek professional advice immediately.

Comparing Rat Droppings

What rat droppings actually look like alongside coffee beans and mouse droppings:

  • Rat droppings

  • Coffee beans compared to rat droppings

  • Rat droppings compared to mice droppings

Although in some cases the size and shape of the droppings may differ,


In conclusion, we can see rat droppings are much larger than mouse droppings, don't ignore the issue if you find any evidence of rats.

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