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House Mouse

(Mus domestica)

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The House mouse can breed quickly, and by being able of having 4 - 8 litter per year, and between 5 - 8 young in each litter, their numbers can soon stack up. The gestation period is about 21 days, reaching maturity within 5- 6 weeks. Depending on the condition the average life span of the house mouse is between 5 - 12 months


Mice will eat practically anything they can or need, typically they will eat fruit, nuts, seeds, and grain. In the absence of water, mice can also obtain the water that their body needs from the food they eat.

The House mouse found in and around buildings, like to feed on different foods from various locations and needs very little water. Their droppings will be found along the paths that they take, and you may see evidence of gnawing (Damage to furniture, wires etc).


The House mouse has Grey smooth fur, large eyes and ears. Weighing 14 - 20g
Pointed nose, Large eyes


They can be found in lofts, under flat roofs, basements, between wood, brick, even in gardens.


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