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Wood Mouse

(Apodemus sylvaticus)

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The Wood mouse will breed between march and autumn and have between 5 - 8 young in each litter, their numbers can soon stack up. The gestation period is about 21 days, reaching maturity within 5- 6 weeks. Breeding in the winter is possible, depending on conditions and food supply.


They will eat a variety of food like insects, worms, caterpillars. They will also eat seeds and berries found.

Usually, an outdoor mouse, the wood mouse will come in for warmth, control would only be needed if they are coming into the house, causing damage. It is the most common widespread rodent in the UK.


The Wood mouse is a bit larger than the house mouse, this rodent has sandy brown fur, large ears and feet. There also have protruding eyes and a tail as long as the body.


Generally burrowing outside, in gardens, woodland, and parkland, they will construct complex burrows with separate rooms and storage areas, these burrows are used over generations.


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